Tech Ideas: Google Loon vs Data-Only Smartphones

It is just amazing how advanced cellular phones have gotten.  The average person has the entire internet and all of its information in the palm of their hands.  However, the cost of owning one is outrageous.

Cell phone plans come with talk, text, and most importantly, data. Here’s the thing: If smart phone owners have to pay for internet on the go, there could possibly be no point in paying the extra cash for talking and texting… here’s why:

  1. If everyone carries internet 4g/3g around, that means they have access to applications like “Text+”, “Skype”, “FaceTime” “TextNow+Voice” and other internet-messaging/voice software.
  2. Those apps just mentioned are either free or extremely cheap to use, thus eliminating the whole point in paying a huge monthly bill for talking and texting.
  3. Internet messaging has surpassed traditional network-texting.

Those 3 reasons should be enough for people to reconsider what their paying for and for large network companies to offer “data only” smart phone plans.

But that’s not all.

As time goes by, technology just gets better and better.  Project Loon, a massive project Google is working on to install a “balloon powered” internet to EVERYONE on the globe will revolutionize the internet.

Project Loon

So, to combine the idea of “data only” plans and Project Loon, that means we most likely won’t have to pay that much for internet at all which would eliminate the support to large networks like T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon, just to name a few.

In the world of Google Loon, it can be seen that people no longer have to pay ridiculous bills for simple communication and access to information.

What would I do:  Living in big cities means there is open wifi everywhere.  There is starbucks, Mcdonalds, houses, etc.  Almost every building has open wifi, so I would just cancel my plan at the end of the contract and just use internet calls and messaging to save money; that is considering that I am within the boundries of the city.

Google Loon may happen too far into the future, but for now, people should reach out for data-only plans to decrease monthly costs and for more people to afford those mini pocket computers we like to call smart phones.


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