The Millionth Input on Nintendo 2DS

The announcement of Nintendo’s 2DS sparked a huge riot of outrage, confusion, and attention.  On August 28th of this year, Nintendo released the announcement of the Nintendo 2DS.

What is the 2DS?

  • A flattened down version of the 3DS
  • It plays all 3DS games but it has no 3D capabilities–hence the name “2DS”
  • Backwards compatible with regular DS games.
  • Replaced the stereo speakers with a single mono speaker.
  • It has a more blocky, brick shape and cannot fit in pocket.
  • Valued at $129.99

The official youtube video of the 2DS announcement had so much dislikes that Nintendo hid the “likes” bar and blocked all comments due to overflow of hateful trolls.

The 2DS is targeted for kids ages 7 and younger.  Kids of those ages do not go on the internet so everyone else that DID see that video is misinformed about who the system is targeted to.

Why is this for children?

  • The flattened down 2DS gives it a blocky, tablet form which is very child-friendly so that they can’t break any hinges and snap the screen in half (this issue happened a lot).
  • The giant form of the 2DS can’t fit in pockets but that makes it more essential because kids are better with bigger toys. Just like every kid starts with the bigger, bulkier legos because their easier to handle. Then they move up to the smaller, more detailed legos when they get older
  • The inexpensive price point at $129.99.  Many parents don’t want to purchase something for their kids at high prices when they could easily just break it.  The 2DS is consumer friendly in this matter.
  • The 3D capabilities were taken off to make the product cheaper and to prevent headaches.

What the 2DS NEEDS.

  • It must come with screen protectors.  The clamshell design of the previous handhelds protect the screen from drops and friction inside the pocket/pouch. Plus, kids are very clumsy and have dirtier hands so screen protectors are a must.
  • A pouch must be included.  The video did have a child putting his 2DS in a special pouch.  The pouch must be included to protect from drops.
  • It would be a great idea to bundle the console with a child-friendly game.  Not a complicated one like Zelda, but a good platformer like Mario or a rail shooter like Starfox.  The game shown at the end of the commercial was Mario and Luigi: Dream Team, and that wasn’t a good idea and the reason being: that title requires a mediocre level of reading and RPG strategy.

Nintendo should have educated the fan-base about this upcoming 2DS rather than just putting it out there.  They should have marketed this as a kids console rather than what looks to be an illusion of an upgrade.

The name “2DS” did a good job at bringing attention to the company.  However, they they could have clarified and informed us a little better through marketing rather than leave the consumer to look up the information themselves.

I think that the Nintendo 2DS will sell a ton of units.  Nintendo has always made great profit from not only the handheld community, but also the younger audience and this 2DS might attract more variety of consumers with its blocky shape and good price point.  A lot of the people giving negative feedback on the console were “hardcore” gamers who just play COD and Battlefield online and have no creative outlook on Nintendo.  I however, am pleased that Nintendo will appeal to a wider audience.  Salutes to Nintendo..since childhood…


2 thoughts on “The Millionth Input on Nintendo 2DS

  1. THANK YOU NINTENDO. Some of us out there can not play video games on consoles due to motion sickness and I was worried about having to trade in my DS Lite and try a 3DS just to play Pokemon X and Y! Now,I dont have to worry weather or not I will get sick from the 3D graphics! THANK YOU!

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