Is It Time to Buy Nintendo’s Cheaper Wii U? Here’s a List of Pros and Cons

First of all, the $300 Combo-Pack STILL looks a little too pricey for the average consumer. I’d say a $275 price point would hit the spot. Only $25 less but looking at the bigger picture, your getting a $60 game with it and an overall $75 discount from it’s original price. The $275 price point would really add to that “grab and go” idea of the previous Wii.

Nintendo is in fact a generation behind in specs. Personally, as long as the games are fun, that’s what matters, but the problem with the Wii U is that it’s pushing away many consumers and developers, so I agree.

I do acknowledge  that the 3DS “is killing the Vita”, however, the Vita has an enormousness library of games coming and you can use the vita for ps4 interface thus possibly putting the 3DS at steady competition.

Nintendo’s games should remain at 50$. Their games are not as advanced as GTA or God of War. Especially if this system targets kids and families, they should hold their previous traditional price point.

The exclusives are the most important and I feel bad to say that Nintendo is still lacking in this.
The games coming out look exceptionally fun, but they don’t impress me as it did with Mario Galaxy, Metroid Prime 3, Zelda: Twilight Princess (a new zelda game and not a remake), just to name a few.

The virtual console or “e-Shop” is okay but I prefer to play my retro games in their actual physical cartridge but it’s good that Nintendo can make money off their old classics.

When it comes to indies, people will want to play them on the more powerful console. If the Gamepad interaction can attract consumers to the indies and multi platforms, it will be a huge hit, but nonetheless, people would go for the more powerful console.

Overall,  the Wii U doesn’t impress me yet, but I do plan on purchasing it in the future when there is more titles out.


In hopes of ramping up Wii U sales momentum, Nintendo finally dropped the price of the Wii U Deluxe from $350 to $300 this week, bringing the only game console that ships with a dedicated gaming tablet in line with what you’d pay for a new PS3 or Xbox 360, while putting a bit more distance between the system and Sony‘s upcoming PS4 ($400) or Microsoft‘s Xbox One ($500), both due in November.

Should you buy one? Let’s step through a few pros and cons.

$300 still looks pricey to me.

The Wii cost $250 at launch and its price fell from there (it’s now in the $130-$140 range). The Wii U’s significantly higher price, according to Nintendo, has to do with the Wii U GamePad. And yet Nintendo’s never really made the case for that GamePad to the sort of consumers who snatched up the Wii in droves. I…

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