Top 10 Most Unique Video Games

Top 10 Unique Video Games

#10. Pilot Wings 

Originally being a flight simulator to experiment some technology for the Super Nintendo, it was never originally planned on being published.  This game is as simple as it is; just fly around try to land on targets and enjoy the ride.  A unique concept as it is.

#9.  Army men Sarge’s Heroes 2

Nowadays we see a lot of Call of Duty, Battlefield, and Halo, but Army Men Sarge’s Heroes 2 was a game on the Nintendo 64 and delivered a game that really made you feel like a kid.  You’re green plastic soldiers with the goal of defeating the tan army in a setting of household environments like a fridge, freezer, dinning table, just to name a few.  This game is truly unique.

#8. Pokemon Snap

A game combining the love of photography and pokemon.  It’s a rail shooter where you snap pictures of pokemon.  Simple and Unique!

#7. Earthbound

Very popular and rare game on the SNES originally marketed as “this game stinks!” on Nintendo Power.  It’s an RPG-style of play that doesn’t take place in the past, or future, just the regular present time in which you are Ness, a regular kid holding his backpack and baseball bat.  The game takes you on too a great adventure with humor and a mixed bag of emotions.  The game is on the Wii U E shop and it got a lot of hype.  Go play it!

#6 Warioware, Inc

Originally debuted on the Gameboy Advance, you are in the world of Wario and your playing mini games. Each mini game is so “mini” that they literally last about 3 seconds.  It’s a bunch of mini games thrown at you that you must complete one-by-one in extremely short time limits and it tests your quick reflexes, quick reading and more.  Very unique game!

#5. Minecraft

A game of pure exploration.  Everybody knows this game and how everything is a block, but they never talk about how unique it is.  It’s blocky graphics and open world leaves the player to develop their own goals.  You mine down deep into the ground, collect material and craft your tools. On the way you fight zombies, spiders and other things.  The music is relaxing and this has to be one of the most unique concepts in gaming,

#4. Majoras Mask

Zelda games aren’t unique,  They’re regular adventure games full of nostalgia  We all love them. However, The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask is the most unique zelda game in existence.  You’re in a time setting of 3 days.  It’s only 3 days because at the night of the 3rd (final) day, the moon falls and destroys the world of Termina.  You travel back in fourth within those 3 days and seek your goal of obtaining the possessed Majora’s Mask and stop the moon from falling.  You go through dungeons, talking to people and a HUGE range of side-quests.  Each time you go back in time to the first day, it’s as if everything you did didn’t matter anymore, the towns people repeat and do the same things in their daily schedule.  An amazing game, and unique to the extreme.  People MUST play this game.

#3. Elite Beat Agents

Normally, games that combine music aren’t very unique anymore like Guitar Hero, Rock Band, Let’s Dance, Boogie, Dance Dance Revolution, but Elite Beat Agents on the Nintendo DS IS unique.  You go around the world and solve people’s typical 1st world problems with the power of music and dancing!  The songs are songs we’ve heard before like ABC by the Jackson 5 or September by Earth Wind & Fire.  The stylus pen interaction with the music is awesome.

#2. Catherine

One of the biggest issues with serious relationships is the question of marriage.  Do you want a fun relationship with liberty or a life commitment?  In this game, your an average man who has two girlfriends, one who is all about fun and liberty, and the other looking into tying the knot.  The game is a matter between life and death and both don’t know that your cheating so the game takes you onto that adventure where you must concur your nightmares and your decisions affect the end result of the game.  Unique.

#1. Heavy Rain

This game is like an interactive movie.  Many games try to have that style of gameplay but many fail.  Heavy Rain has a main goal: save your kidnapped son.  Every decision and move you make in this game affects what will happen next.  It’s very suspenseful and through out the game, the mystery remains of who the Oragami killer is.  The game is full of action and emotion and leads up to one of the biggest climaxes in video game history.  It’s a game where it really feels like your not only in a movie, but also simulating the struggles of real life.


7 thoughts on “Top 10 Most Unique Video Games

  1. beautiful list, Heavy Rain is certainly a unique experience in that it feels like a movie but it never takes the control completely out of your hands, its still you making the decisions and affecting things as they go, still have yet to beat it and Catherine 😛 oh and can’t forget…AGENTS ARE GO!

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  3. Oh man, I remember Army Men: Sarges Heroes. Only had the first one but was a fun ((though sometimes frustrating) experience. Haven’t played 5 out of the 10 on this list but I’m going to try lol. Nice list!

    • Thank you! The first Army Men was primitive and not very unique. The second one kinda got it right but it hasn’t aged too well. But yeah, try these games out–got nothing to lose!

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