Top 10 Opening Themes in Video Games

Top Ten Opening Themes

One of the most powerful things in gaming are the soundtracks.  There’s always something sentimental about going back and listening to the same tunes you heard years ago while playing that specific game.  One very important thing that we always remember is the first song we here when powering on the game.  These are 10 great opening themes in gaming.  Only doing one song per franchise.

#10 Mario Galaxy–Opening (Wii) (2007)

The Mario franchise finally releases a great soundtrack since Mario 64.  The orchestra style was an amazing idea to deliver an amazing, and memorable game.  The music delivers a nice opening to give you a nice taste of whats ahead in the world of Mario.

#9. Final Fantasy–Prelude 

The prelude is in almost every Final Fantasy title screen.  Though it is repetitive, it brings upon much emotion and sets the mood right for another phenomenal adventure each time one turns the game one.  Every RPG fan has heard it at least once.

#8. Grand Theft Auto III–Theme (Ps2) (2001)

Grand Theft Auto V is coming!  So much hype is being made about it and it’s nice to just go back and listen to the theme of GTA III.  Just listening to the song reminds you how far the franchise has gone despite its glorious amount of controversy.  Grand Theft Auto III is the game that skyrocketed the franchise.  Every ps2 owner had a copy and every time they turned the game on, it’s that same soothing jazz we love to hear.  It mentally prepares us for another session of the world of gangs and drug cartels.

#7. Kingdom Hearts–“Dearly Beloved” (ps2) (2002)

The title screen music of Kingdom Hearts immediately reminds every player that just because this game contains Disney characters, does not mean it’s happiness all the way through.  The story line is intense, shocking, and I should have definitely mentioned it in my “Top 10 Unique Games” list.

#6. Halo 3–Title Screen (X-Box 360) (2007)

Halo 3 is one of the biggest reasons why the X-Box 360 was successful.  The game has a great story and also helped evolve the online gaming community, but let’s not forget its great opening theme which gives X-Box fans a good reason to brag about their favorite console.  Halo 3 was not screwing around in the music department and this them proves it.

#5. Killer Insinct–Opening (SNES) (1995)

A new Killer Instinct is coming out for the X-Box One, and to celebrate, this is the opening theme to the very first console port of one of the best fighting games out there.  During this time, the music to many Super Nintendo games in production went from having regular gaming tunes to games starting to sound like actual music.  Anyway, the new Killer Instinct looks pretty damn good.

#4. Skyrim–“Sons of Skyrim” (X-Box 360, Ps3, PC) (2011)

The fifth installment of the Elder Scrolls series left many in awe.  Its massive world and never ending quests amounts to endless playing.  Really worth the fifty bucks especially with its blood-pumping soundtrack.

#3. Super Metroid–Opening (SNES) (1993)

The first song when turning on Super Metroid let’s the player know that they are in for one dark experience.  This game is probably the darkest in the whole series, and one of the biggest reasons is the music.  Not much more can be said other than the game is a master piece, but one would have to play it to understand.

#2. Megaman 3–Start up Screen (NES) (1990)

The Megaman games shined during the 8-bit era thanks to it’s amazing game play and awesome music.  Some argue that Megaman 2 is better than the third one, but turning on Megaman 3 and hearing this makes the competition not matter anymore.  Unfortunately the Megaman franchise has gone downhill so it’s just nice to go back to the past and look at the right moments of the series.  However, a new series of Megaman games is coming out with the name of “The Mighty No. 9“.  Very Excited.

#1. Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time–Opening Theme (n64) (1998)

Ocarina of Time defined the Nintendo 64 and its legacy will always be remembered as one of the best games of all time.  Turning on this game and hearing the opening theme just brings great memories to everyone.

So overall, it’s always that first song we hear after powering on the game and hearing that first song each time.  Nostalgia at its finest.  Thanks for reading!


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