Google Glass and The Future.

Google Glass Explorer Edition.jpeg

This article was originally posted on as a guest writer.

Written by: William Toscano

Many tech enthusiasts have already heard and know about the amazing concept of Google Glass.  Just the whole idea that we are entering into a generation with wearable technology is just phenomenal.  Many smart watches are coming out, smart phones are advancing more than ever and are now officially competing against handheld gaming consoles like the 3DS and the Vita.

So what is Google Glass?  Many people are already so familiar with it.  So in a nutshell, it’s the internet right at your face.

Google has released an “Explorer Edition” of Google glass for people to give reviews and thoughts for the sake of improvement of the upcoming ACTUAL Google glass.  So it’s pretty much a beta version and the real Google Glass will be more advanced.

Some facts:

  • Internet is powered by your smartphone using a “Google Glass” app.
  • Once it’s powered by your smartphone, it uses voice recognition to pull up anything
  • Another way of navigating is sliding your finger up and down and tapping the thick bar connecting to the small glass prism.
  • According to Google, the screen looks as if your standing 8 feet from a 25 inch computer monitor.
  • The screen appears in the upper right hand corner of your vision.  Doesn’t get in the way of your site, but you also don’t have to force your eyes to the very corner.

What Google Glass can do so far:

  • Google (Obviously)
  • Google+ Hangouts (That would be interesting)
  • Send messages
  • Calls (Remember it’s linked to your phone)
  • Record footage
  • Snap pictures
  • Navigation (Getting directions)

Again, keep in mind that this is the “Explorer Edition” and should be even more advanced when it releases to the public.  So far, Google Glass looks extremely advanced and revolutionary so it’s pretty exciting what the official consumer version will be like.

Many apps will be developed in favor of Glass like twitter, news, YouTube, Instagram, just to name a few.

We have smartphones, we have tablets, we have smart watches, and now Google Glass will with no doubt, be revolutionary despite the fact that it’s only coming with basic, core functions but even then, it will be a success.  It’s Google.

But there are two important questions:

Will this be of style?

I’m just going to say it.  Google Glass is UGLY.  The functions look really cool, but the thick bar going across your forehead looks hideous.  This is the first version of Glass so they’re obviously going to improve the hardware and software, but hopefully they will improve the look of the device itself.

How much would you pay for it?

The price really matters considering that Google wants us to wear these.  How much would we pay?  Hopefully the price will go in the same range as the average smartphone or maybe less.

Overall, Project Glass seems like the way to go.  Just think about how far Google has come.  They used to just be a simple search engine but just look at them now.  Salutes to Project Glass!


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